This is for you...

Everything that we do influences everything that we do.  It's the Great Cycle.  The formula for experience and the pattern of growth.  It's been referred to as the golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence, the great spiral, and the Golden mean, as well as many other names.  The way that we spiral in and out of experience, is like a shimmering dance between the physical and non physical, embodying us in some sort of organic experiment in order to achieve a heightened level of experiencing awareness.  Its like trying to get as close to a flame for warmth without getting burnt, yet there is only so far you can go until you feel the bitter cold and need to rush back into the warmth and embrace of the universal awareness embodied in the physical.  


We ache for a connection, we yearn for it.  It permeates the human experience.  The need to understand is overwhelming, yet the means to do so are so drastically limited by the constructs of form in the third dimension.  This is the function of prayer.  The higher vibrational wavelength that is exercised during prayer is primal in nature, and therefore the universe actively and organically reacts to it.  As if a tree realizes that one of its tiny branches is injured, it will tend to it.  There is enough energy and love to go around, but part of the paradox of free will is that we want to quantify it.  I WANT TO QUANTIFY "IT". This brings me not only great joy in the gift of being embodied, but great sadness that I haven't the language to adequately express my awe, adoration, and utmost gratitude for this gift of embodiment.  Again, through aeons of fine tuning, aeons before us, that ultimate need to transcend and connect was given as a gift to us initially in the glory of the grand design that is our bodies, the Great vehicle of Experience.  Man and woman were meant to turn two experiences into one, and that union was, and is, the harmony of the cosmos.  


This is the transcendental being incarnate, and carnal, in its most primal form.  Thru this bond, we release great suffering, and glorious triumphs in order to facilitate another vehicle that the universal Consciousness can experience itself within.  This act of creation is a repetition of the dualistic primordial battle and dance of the energies of polarity, the yin and the yang, the male and female, the positive and negative, the proton and the electron, the plus and the minus.  These dualistic imprints are not only part of our programmed experience, but a shining star on the road map of life declaring and revealing we are exactly where we need to be. 


Companionship is a quantification of the unquantifiable, and is thus the ultimate response to the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe.  Absolutely not, we are right next to each other, even if we're galaxies away. Companionship is a part of the human experience, an a pivotal part of how we are programmed.  The law of attraction plays such a huge role in the way we interact and procreate, but is almost like a backbone to the living experience.  It is a response from nature to all of the questions we can ask about life before we are able to quantify a language that we can interpret.  It is union that facilitates experience, and helps it to continue.  On a microscopic level, this same natural interaction takes place.  One becomes two, becomes four, becomes eight, sixteen, thirty two, and so on.  


The gift of interaction with each other is imprinted on our DNA as a species.  We spend so much energy and time debating the reasoning for any Divine role in our history, yet fail to realize that we have still such a sophomoric understanding as a collective of what that could actually mean.  The Proof and quantifiable truth is us.  WE are the proof that Consciousness exists within our species, and as a construct of the cellular machinery of our planet, that means that all living organic collective material, on some level, is engineered for experiencing and enhancing consciousness.  


The interaction on a personal level are limited to the species upon which the experience is generated through, what "form" you are in (i.e, flora or fauna), however the impact of that interaction, or lack thereof, is not limited to your species.  This impacts the planets ecosystem, and has forever.  Every species has a "carbon footprint", but the way that we as humans interact with ourselves and our environment is in itself unique.  We still try to propagate a language adequate of expressing the awe and adoration for the cosmic gift of embodiment, and in the meantime, ache too the core at our lack of intelligence.  Until then, "God" responds with each other.  In the meantime, and in this form, this human form, one thing for certain is a fact and quantifiable proof of the unprovable.  Love exists, and as a species, we'll always have each other.  


As an ecosystem, it's our responsibility to use our gift of consciousness to nurture nature, and facilitate growth for other future generations.  For our Great planet is a great recourse, indeed.  To facilitate it's continuance is our jobs as the species upon it's flesh to maintain it, and help nurture it's living nature.  We are of it, and that is a part of our role in the cosmic alliance of planetary consciousness, for regardless of our knowledge, or proof of awareness playing any cosmic role whatsoever… The planet indeed produced us, and in having each other to experience the great joy of Union we are inherently blessed with the duty and ability to continue this process into the future, like a great fractal of behavioral influence. 


 We, with one another side by side, effect everything we touch.  In many ways, we are also the opposite.  We absorb so much.  The sensitive nature of this cosmic "self" is why it is so important to protect and facilitate a planetary harmony with our eco systems.  It is on this planet that we are able to nurture our cosmic gift of being aware.  To become in tune with our ecosystem is the ultimate act of humanness, In order to do that, we ourselves, need nourishment and nurturing.  Nourishment is given to us by our planet.  Nurturing is given to us by each other